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Plant A Tree:

NutriAid UK supports GREEN to power the environmental movement to restore degraded lands, and to ensure a healthy and sustainable planet for all of us.

Our planet is facing a myriad of problems, Global Warming is being contributed to violent weather changes and rising oceans. Millions of acres of forests are lost every year along with the extinction of countless species of plants and animals. This is resulting in spreading of deserts, threat to the world food security and the rapidly disappearing supply of drinkable water. Sometimes its alarming to realize what kind of ripple effect we have with what we regard as a harmless cutting of a tree.

Our planet is warming up. Burning oil, coal, and other fossil fuels contributes to global warming by adding to a heat-trapping blanket of carbon dioxide around our planet. Carbon dioxide, regardless of where it is produced, distributes itself evenly throughout the global atmosphere.

We all are exposed to these issues in some form or the other, some of us are helping the cause in our own way. But sometimes the feeling of "is it enough" creeps in, we surely want to leave this planet as a much better place for our children and their children...

It is not too late! Support GREEN to ensure a healthy and sustainable planet for all of us. Planting trees and restoring degraded lands alters the future of the planet in a tremendous way.

Through photosynthesis, trees and other plants take in carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen. By restoring tree cover to barren lands, we have a very cost-effective way to continuously remove carbon dioxide (the major "greenhouse gas") from the global atmosphere.

NutriAid has partnered with NGOs & Non-Profit organizations for this cause. You don't need to do anything special to be a part of this cause, every time you order a NutriAid product, some percentage of the profit to will be contributed to plant TREES and maintain GREEN environment. The choice you make today will alter our tomorrow in a great way.

Together we can lead the way in environmental stewardship and social responsibility for improving the wellbeing of Mankind around the world.

Thank you for your Valued Support!