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Whey Protein (Vanilla flavour)

♥ Vanilla-flavoured premium Whey Protein powder to support muscle growth, lean mass, shaping, toning & immunity!

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Tasty Vanilla-flavoured Whey Protein Powder is premium quality supplement providing an excellent nutritional profile to support muscle growth, lean mass, shaping, toning and even general immunity & wellbeing.

Whey Protein (Vanilla flavour) can be added to water, juice, milk or any other liquid of your choice for a tasty protein shake that can be used before or after exercise, or at any time of day as a protein-rich, muscle building and appetite curbing snack. This premium quality Whey Protein (Vanilla flavour) is ideal for:

- Increasing daily protein intake
- Easy source of protein before or after exercise
- Increasing muscle mass and size
- Supporting tissue repair
- Maintaining lean mass
- Shaping up, contouring and toning
- Increasing calorie intake
- General immunity and wellbeing

After your exercise, your body uses protein to help repair and re-build muscle fibres, thereby increasing muscle size; and taking the right high quality protein supplement may support your performance and general wellbeing.

This Vanilla-flavoured Whey Protein Powder is an unique formula containing blend of both Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate for maximum effect in supporting muscle growth and maintenance of lean mass. NO GMOs; and only the highest grade hormone-free milk, sourced from EU and British grass-fed cows, has been used in this premium formulation:

- Only premium quality whey is used (no other cheap protein sources have been added)
- Sourced from both whey concentrate and isolate for maximum effect
- 21.4g of protein per 30g serving
- Only 4.2g of carbohydrates per serving
- EU and British sourced milk
- Hormone free
- Gluten free
- Hormone free
- Low in Fat & Lactose
- Non GMO
- TSE/ BSE free

Supplement Facts:


  Whey protein concentrate (contains soya lecithin)
  Whey protein isolate (contains soya lecithin)
  Flavouring (flavouring preparations, flavouring substances)
  Maltodextrin (bulking agent)
  Gum arabic (emulsifier)
  Sucralose (sweetener)


  Energy - 503kJ/ 118 kcal
  Protein - 21.4g
  Carbohydrate - 4.2g
    - of which sugar 1.7g
  Fat - 1.7g
    - of which Saturates 1.0g
  Sodium 0.05g
    - Salt equivalent 0.12g


  Energy - 1677kJ/ 395 kcal
  Protein - 71.2g
  Carbohydrate - 14.1g
    - of which sugar 5.9g
  Fat - 5.7g
    - of which Saturates 3.4g
  Sodium 0.18g
    - Salt equivalent 0.45g

Contains NO: GMOs or hormones.
Suitable for vegetarians. Not tested on animals.
NOTE: Highest grade milk sourced from EU and British cows only.

Suggested Usage:

Add 1 scoop (25g to 30g) to a large glass of water, juice, milk or other liquid. Stir with a fork or use a blender to mix.
Use before exercise, after exercise or simply as a tasty protein shake during the day. This high quality supplement is fast-absorbing and it is best taken first thing in the morning and/ or during the 30 minutes just before or immediately after your exercise. However, it can be used as a healthy, protein-rich snack at any time of day.

NOTE: Steps to MIX with liquids for best results:

1) Fill half a glass with water, fruit juice, soya milk, rice milk or any other liquid of choice.
2) Add 1 scoop (25g to 30g) of the Whey Protein to the liquid and stir.
3) Leave for around 2 to 3 minutes to allow the unprocessed ingredients to absorb the liquid and the powder will dissolve fully and become a thick, smooth blend.
4) Add more liquid if desired or drink as is.


600g powder per pot

Servings Per Pot:

24 to 20 servings per pot based on 25g and 30g whey protein powder per serving.


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